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This blog lies...

...Dead, but dreaming. Dormant for the time being. When the stars are right, and the pipes call, and the words are spoken... Awaken! IA! IA! The New Wave will rise and crash upon the shores of man's weak existence... dead but dreaming... soon, all will know thy name...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"I Don't Want to Live in Anytown"

Reagan Youth are an oft misunderstood band. Sarcasm and satire don't always travel as far as record distributors. Look at these crappy photos, and you'll see that the album imagery is of a particularly sick leftist bent. Swastikas, Klan robes, burning crosses. Ohhh, the eighties. (I'm kind of joking here. I was in diapers when Ronnie was in office. I remember that I called him the Clown, and I would punch his TV face and laugh.) This is Vol. 1 of a two part-er put out by the New Red Archive label in 1990 on beautiful clear-red vinyl. Part 2, which I don't have anymore, covers the later years and sees the band taking a pretty drastic turn away from their punk roots. It's still good, but don't expect any more songs like "New Aryans." If you have ever watched that corny-ass Brendan Frasier/Steve Buscemi movie, Airheads, you might recognize the track "Degenerated", which was used in the finale of the film. Weird.

Run Spot, run.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"There's room on the stick shift for you, doll."

This is the first thing I ever heard from the cum and coke fueled madmen that are the Dwarves. Practically an institution in the punk rock underground at this point, the Dwarves have been polluting the world with filthy ditties about teenage girls, dope, and destruction since the mid eighties. I don't know if any of these versions have since been re-released, but this is around the time of the Toolin' for a Warm Teabag LP and Blood, Guts, and Pussy. I'm not usually into the egomaniacal, "I'm a fucking rock star and I only want your money/drugs/pussy" attitude, but at least these guys have always been honest. No pretense, just scum. You'll probably want a shower after listening to this one.

I'd Eat You To Survive (DL)

Bonus! Here's an interview from a Bay Area free trade rag called Juice. I'm not sure of the year, but it's around the release of Come Clean (2000).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Skate Fast! Thrash Fast!

Useless Wooden Toys hail from Mpls, MN. and play some raging, duel vocal hardcore thrash/smith grind about skating, moshing, and not taking shit so damn seriously all the fucking time. Disrobe are from Chicago. They share members with the Rat Bastards, and sound fairly similar, only faster. I'm just not in the mood for a proper write-up at the moment, so just DL this already.

DAGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DL)

(Sadly, Chris Johnson, one of the vocalists from UWT was killed one year and a week ago today at a party by some rotten piece of shit. Even though I didn't know him that well, I can honestly say that this was a tremendous loss. My heart goes out to Ryan, Steve, Cookie, and Chris. Thanks for playing in my basement way back when, and I hope you guys continue to skate and thrash with a fervor as yet unknown.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

...please destroy this if you wish to live...

I know that it has been posted elsewhere, but I feel like this needs to be included on my blog, because this is my favorite album of all. You should own it. I believe it's even still printed in the CD format. Originally released on Nick Blinko's own Outer Himalayn Records, and distributed by the delightfully esoteric folks at Southern Records, Cacophony is possibly the most bizarre and fantastic album to come out of the punk and hardcore scene. Weird is a good word for it. But good weird, like the life and work of the man from whom the album's concept draws its inspiration, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. It's funny, but the first time I bought this album and listened to it, I hated it. I even tried to return it. At that point, I had only heard their early, more straightforward EP's and I wasn't ready. Not for the epic work that is Cacophony. For a song by song breakdown of how each track relates to H.P. Lovecraft's life and writing, check out this page. While you are there, dig around the rest of Piss In A Pod, it is definitely the most comprehensive page I have seen about the Peni and their enigmatic singer, Nick Blinko. They've even got some rare live recordings for the grabbing. (Unlike many of their peers, Rudimentary Peni don't tour, have rarely played live at all in the past twenty years, and only release new material every few years). Rumor has it that the initial tracks for this album were recorded in one take, so I tried to keep that stream-of-consciousness feel by making this a 'gapless album'. I hope you enjoy this record as much as I do, but remember that such things should not be writ, and I will not be held responsible for nightmares, madness, or temporal displacement resulting from the playing of this album.

NEW LINK!08/30

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Punk Rock 102

Today's lesson:
Lecture - "Listening to American Hardcore: Whorehouse of Representatives"
Group Study - "Hardcore in action: Toxic Narcotic"

Notes (DL)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"It's far out..."

Every honest comic has acknowledged the influence that Richard Pryor (1940-2005) had on their career. He is the progenitor of our modern humor. There is no way you can listen to this and not see where everyone has been getting their ideas from for the past 30+ years. Did you know that "Bicentennial Nigger" won a Grammy? I didn't. I didn't even know that there was a comedy category.I wonder who had to announce that, "And the winner is... Richard Pryor, Bicentennial Nigger!"/ "Yo, what the fuck did you just call me? I will fuck your ass up, motherfucker!" The material here deals mostly with the old "White folks be like/Black folks be like" observational race humor, but there's enough truth under the surface to keep the jokes from sounding all-out racist or hateful. I'm sure the title will scare away the squeamish, besides. This record was put out a few years before he lit up like a campfire while drinking 151 and free-basing. I'm sure you know all about that, but did you know that he was an animal rights activist? He sure was. I hope you enjoy this fine piece of comedy history as much as I do. [Once again, I did what I could to clean up the clicks/pops and general static. The signal to noise ratio on my set-up is pretty suspect, but I'm fine tuning it.]

Motherfucker (DL)

P.s. If this isn't the album you voted for, don't worry, I'll post up the other ones soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Burn to the Fucking Ground L.A. / Whitey's Gonna Pay"

San Jose was a fun city to grow up in. I know some people from larger Bay Area cities like to shit all over it, but fuck those dudes. The skate scene was, and is, one of the most creative and fertile ones in the country. Just watch the Enjoi "Bag of Suck" video if you don't believe me. They've also had a great music scene (though lacking in equally great venues) over the years. "Bike for Beers" is an annual underground party where they get about five houses, each with a keg and a band or two, around the downtown area. You start mid-afternoon, and rage/bike till the wee morning hours. The cops are actually pretty chill about it, and usually just stand guard at the front in case of fights or other destructive jackassery. After one of the Bike for Beers, I got to hang out with Dean from Stinky Feet Records at his apt. on Pearl Ave (He's since moved, and I didn't know him well enough to know what he's up to these days. If you know, I'd love to hear.)That's his bathroom the dude is sitting in on the cover. The walls were covered in losing scratch-off lottery tickets. He had an amazing record collection (from which he gave me several items that he had duplicates of), every MST3K episode on tape, and was always down to hang out and drink and talk about punk rock. Dean was a good guy. He was also in at least two kick-ass bands: Idiot Bitch and Preachers That Lied. Today, I'm posting the Idiot Bitch "Loser" 7" for your consideration. Male and female vocals, a little melodic, and fairly intelligent in the lyrics dept.
[I apologize for the quality of the rip, I really tried to clean it up without affecting the sound quality of the music. A couple pops in some tracks,still.]

"The Ayatollah of Rock n' Roll-a"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Answer This and Stay Fashionable

So, I've been ripping from vinyl, and I started you out with a couple 7"s, but I figured I should get to some LP's. Since they are more time consuming, and our time here is so precious(?), I thought I'd make sure that whatever I rip is going to be something you want to hear. So, I thought I'd put a poll up, and see if any victor emerges. It's just one click, and it's anonymous, so vote goddamnit!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Abort the Rights"

Remission have been around, on and off, since '95. I first heard from them on the No Fate Vol II world hardcore comp. (I thought I saw somebody post it, but I just searched it and nobody has an active link. I guess I'll put it up here, sometime soon.) They play vicious, splintering hardcore with the classic screech/scream duel vocal assault. The lyrics mostly deal with the threat technology poses on humanity as we become increasingly more dependent on the silicon teet. Speaking of which: isn't it strange how comfortable we've become with having an electronic two-way communication device with GPS and personal data on our persons at all times? How pissed are you when you can't get a WiFi signal? How many times a day do you log onto a global networking service to let your every action be known? Think about it. Or, don't. Thinking is strenuous. Just relax, it hurts less that way. Well, back to the record - This is a short one, with 6 tracks, each under the two minute mark, but you'll probably end up playing it a second (or possibly third)time through, because it is just pure killer. I have the "Our Days Are Numbered" LP, which I may or may not post at some point. I just saw that Profane Existence released a discography and they have an absolutely amazing deal that you should check out over here. Seriously.

Please place your Identification Tattoo into the scanner... (DL)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Just, look at all those disgusting trees!"

I posted an album by The Rat Bastards before, maybe you got it. Today, I'm posting a rip of the "Contaminated Minds" - 7inch, complete with painstakingly put together scans of the bile green, multi-panel, fold-out cover. These tracks are a bit more raw than the later material, and I gotta say that this was the 7" that really got me hooked on this band. Just perfect, angry, bitter hardcore punk rock from Illinois. As a bonus, I have one extra, one-sided, version of the fold out poster insert (11"X16"). If you want it, tell me something interesting in the comments section. Whoever has the most interesting comment(judged by me, of course - and assuming anyone tries) will, within a couple weeks, receive said poster in the mail. Along with some other bits of worthless junk and ephemera I deem unsentimental enough to part with. Free swag, you dirty scum. Always remember that I will never, ever, always love you.

"I'll take that fucking swastika, and shove it up your ass!"(DL)

[Mediafire gave me an "invalid file" error, so I re-upped and changed the link 5/31/09.]

[Also Re-upped the older Rat Bastards post. 06/06/09]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

With tartar sauce, just the way you like them...

Alright, here's my first attempt at ripping from vinyl, and it's a good 'en. 320KPS of sloppy sonic love, directed at the hearts and groins of those sultans of sweat and semen, The Fuckboyz. "A Tribute To The Fuckboyz" - 2X7" was released by Farmhouse, Monkey Bite, and Six Weeks back in the mid '90s (95?). There was some discussion of Farmhouse Records and Red #9 in the comments over at Marc's blog, so I figured this was appropriate. Other bands on the comp. are: All You Can Eat, 40% Saline Solution, Wooly Mammoth, Idiot Bitch, Krupted Peasant Farmers, Your Mother, and The Dread (Sorry, it took some effort to scan all of the booklet and get the tracks legit, so I'm not including hot links. Just Google that shit, that's what I do, anyway). Pretty excellent example of what most of the punk coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area sounded like at that time; bouncy bass, raspy vocals, quick drums, good stuff. The booklet has some really good stories from the contributing artists about their love for the FBoyz. Listen to this, then go buy a beer for Aesop, he deserves it.

"And she makes me feel/ like Jesus Christ.
And she makes me feel/like Frankenstein."
- The Fuckboyz (DL)

(Oh, and let me know if you have any suggestions on improving the technique for ripping vinyl. I think this turned out really nice, but you may know something I don't.)

[Post Edit: If you already grabbed this, "Track 04" was corrupted by Mediafire. You can grab just that track, here. I also re-uploaded the complete rip, and replaced the link. Let me know if there are any further issues with it, please."

"So you think you've had a real good pizza?Well, not like this!"

[Thought I would give Carnie a nod. This is Food on Stoned] A long time ago, The Onion ran this article about a new "Pizza Lovers Pizza". Now, I know The Onion is a satirical paper, but I always held onto the idea of making a pizza with smaller pizzas for toppings. Last night, the neighbors came down and we set to work making this dream a reality. I can gladly say that we put to rest any notions that there can be "too much of a good thing."

The Ingredients:



Fantasy? Nope, Reality:

For one:

(Thanks Ben, Sarah, and Jennie.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

About Things:

[Warning, this is not a music post.] We moved to Culver City. Killer new Apt. right below our friends, Ben and Sarah. It's a way better place than our last one,there's even a swimming pool (not that I can swim). Friendly, chill neighbors. My favorite part has to be the dining room:

Yup, I can finally play my drums daily. Expect some crap home recordings in the near future. Oh, and it's only a mile away from this sweet young thing:

Also, I finally got a new turntable, so I can start posting from my vinyl collection, which is admittedly small, but it is 90% gems. Speaking of which: does anyone have ($free$) software they recommend for digitizing records? I have Audacity, but I was hoping for something more specifically purposed for transferring vinyl to mp3, with auto-track separation and all that rigamarole. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks guys, see you soon.

Well, I'll be...

"Dad, sister is on fire. Shut up and get the marshmallows. Dad, I don't like little brother. Shut up and eat what i give you. Let's go. This damn dollar has got to get me two. Dad I'm tired of running in circles. Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor."

This has got the original version of "Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle" from the self titled CD, and then six re-mixes of the same track. (Bastard Noise, Kid606, Wizards of War, Christophe de Babalon, I Am Spoonbender, Sinking Body) Mostly crushing, oppressive noise, with small breaks of gabber/electronic, un-danceable dance music. Perfect for clearing rooms full of pussies. And by pussies, I mean guys that like Bright Eyes, and anyone with a vagina. Released on Gold Standard Labs.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

I saw my reflection in that dirty yellow water...

This is an album that was on constant rotation for a good six years of my life. There isn't a whole lot of info on the web about these guys,other than passing references. All I know is that The Piss Drunks put out two really good albums before breaking up and that they were from Seattle. The quality on Urine Idiot is a bit suspect, but the song writing makes up for that in spades. Straight up punk rock, here, with just a hint of blues. I believe this was put out by Ransom Note Records in 1995. Urine Idiot captures the feeling of drinking, puking, and drinking again as well as any Bukowski poem. Oh, don't confuse this band with the skate crew "The Piss Drunx", that Greco, Dollin, and Reynolds were affiliated with, they had nothing at all to do with this.Their other release, "Alocoholocaust" will probably be posted here sometime soon. It's time for beers.

Black Label Me

Saturday, April 25, 2009


To coincide with yesterday's post featuring the only ice cream man to ever pull off a black leather vest and a bolo tie, Reggie Bannister, I've got another Phantasm goody for you. This archive features the soundtracks for both Phantasm and Phantasm II, and was put together by the extremely diligent folks over at the Inferno Music Crypt. All credit goes to them, please check out their blog. They really work hard, even putting together scores that were never commercially available. Anyways,enjoy this beautiful piece of film score history. Oh, if anyone happens to have the vinyl version of the first one, I'd be willing to trade some dear things for it.

"You gotta be shittin' me! That mother is strong." (DL)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett Early!

Just saying.

The Basics II : Reggie Bannister

There are only an elite few, unique, well crafted films that I would ever consider as being my "favorites". Of that small group, there is one title that holds a place in my heart above the others. A thoroughly enjoyable, genre-bending, scary, and downright charming film that I never tire of. That movie is Phantasm. A while ago, I e-mailed Reggie Bannister, kind of on a lark. I figured that between acting in films, playing and recording music, and helping to run an independent film production company, the guy would be a little short on spare time time. I was surprised when, instead of the standard form letter reply, Reggie himself got back to me and thanked me for my appreciation. So, when I was thinking of subjects for "The Basics", I always figured he would be a nice enough guy to take a moment out for his fans. He's a cool, down to earth person, and I'm extremely grateful that he took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us here.

My Mom and Dad, who supported and encouraged my creative spirit from a very early age. Anytime I played music somewhere or appeared in a play my Mom and Dad were there. They even appeared with me in 'Phantasm.' If you recall the scene of Tommy's funeral, my Dad played the priest and my Mom was a mourner. My Mom was actually standing next to Don Coscarelli's Mom Shirley, who also played a mourner in the scene. Don's parents were obviously as supportive as mine.

Guitar. I was always a talented singer and performer but when I picked up guitar at the age of 15 it opened up a whole new world of entertainment for me. I was able to sing and accompany myself so, for the first time I was able to be a self sufficient entertainer. I took off on a musical career that led to concerts, TV and touring with icons of the time. From Bing Crosby, George Burns and Red Skelton to Chubby Checker, Sonny and Cher and Steve Wonder. I've had a remarkable musical career because I learned to play guitar.

The 60's and 70's were powerful times for people like me to mature in. There was so much creative camaraderie flying around it was like a giant circus and we were all ringmasters. It's when I met and was in a group with brothers Carson and Van Dyke Parks two of the greatest musicians I've ever been blessed to play with. It's when I met Steve Stills and had the opportunity to pick up a guitar with him. It's when you'd go to a party and you're having a drink with the Righteous Brothers and Jackie DeShannon joins in the conversation then you turn around and David Crosby walks in. Great time to be alive.

Right here where I am. My wife and I live in a beautiful village called Crestline. We work from our home and have enjoyed a level of professional success that's been gratifying. I've worked on two film projects this year with one ongoing as I write. I've got several pictures ready for distribution this year and two of them will feature my music. so, Here is good.


Because in a larger sense, I really had no choice, other than to be who I am today. If you had asked me pretty much as soon as I was old enough to talk, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I would have replied that I want to be a singer an actor and a politician. I realized later that if you want to be a successful politician you need to drop music and acting and I wasn't willing to make that much for politics. I've also had more than my share of day jobs. Everything from hauling hay in Washington State to driving Taxies in Long Beach California. Now, this is my day job.

When I met Don Coscarelli in the early 70's I had returned to college classes at Long Beach City College. I had immersed myself in acting classes and was performing in one play after another. After a weekend performance of original vignettes called "Circle Games" which I also performed the music for, I received a call from Paul Pepperman who identified himself as the producer of a film that was shooting locally. He said that he and the director had seen my performance that weekend and had an important character role that needed to be filled and asked if I was interested. That picture was called "Jim the World's Greatest." It was Don's first picture my first picture and Angus Scrim's first picture with Don. The point of this story is, if you greatly desire something just keep your head down and keep working at it. Eventually you'll look up and find yourself exactly where you want to be.

[Thanks again to Reggie and Gigi Fast Elk Bannister. Please take some time and check out the hot links in the intro paragraph (click on the green text), there is a TON of cool stuff in the sites.]

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Idle Hands

What? Oh, hey, I forgot I was talking. I think iTunes is updating more often than me at this point. But, I've got some really cool posts coming up, so stay tuned. Spring Break is over, and I'm back in the game. The gears are turning.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Viva la Raza! Ay-hy-hy-hyyyeeeeeee!

Yo no hablo realmente español. Escribo a máquina todo esto en un traductor libre, así que su atado para estar lleno de errores.

Brujeria ha sido alrededor desde que 1989. ¡Eso es veinte años de brutal, violento, el odio llenó metal! Bastante una proeza, yo diría. Ellos han tenido a miembros de cien otras bandas significativas en su formación en algún punto, (verifica esta página) todo jugar bajo aliases. Cuándo yo fui un adolescente, yo siempre pensé que estos petimetres fueron para verdadero. De hecho, muchas personas han reclamado que en un punto, la banda estuvo bajo investigación por el gobierno norteamericano. ¿Mí? Quiero sumergirme justo en su mundo de trafico de drogas de droga, del asesinato, y de otros crímenes y jugar adelante. ¿Mata a algunos blancos? ¿Pasa de contrabando droga a través de la frontera? Sí, BIEN. ¿Por qué no? Tengo todavía mas verles viven. Tengo miedo de algún cholo sin detalles que no tiene la menor idea que esta banda es para propósitos de entretenimiento sólo. Qué es yendo a hacer, mostrarle mi licencia con mi apellido: ¿Garcia, y espera él tiene la convicción de que yo no tengo suficiente sangre caucásica para equivocarse para un republicano?

Brujeria - The Mexecutioner! - The Best of Brujeria

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fuck MP3's !!!

I've had the engorged middle finger of The Mummies pleasantly shoved in my face for well over a decade. No other band was ever so rude, and so shitty, and so fucking great as the dirty gauze and toilet paper wrapped jerks, right here. It's hard to even imagine that a band like this once existed. These guys were rebelling against C.D.'s and digital recording years before the cyber-geek twiddlery of Pro tools ruined any chance of rock n'roll making it out of the twenty-first century alive. They refused to record with any decent equipment and managed to trash just about every venue they played in record time, before taking off in a vintage ambulance filled with someone else's gear. I still haven't bought myself a turntable, and I hope to post a lot more from these guys when I do. Until then, here's a post-humous collection of rarities and live trash. It's definitely not my favorite, but it's one of the only ones I have a digital copy of. From this site: "Runnin' on Empty: Vol. 1" [Runnin' On Empty Vol. 1 LP (Estrus, 1996, ES 94016)
side one are all previously unreleased recordings:
side two is live at the Chameleon 9/5/91:]
In the spirit of fuck you-edness, I'm not posting a picture of the band above, but rather a picture of myself dressed as one of the Mummies from a Halloween, years ago.

Budget Rock Showcase!
[Oh, shit. If you're on the East Coast, they're playing a reunion in Hoboken, New Jersey!]

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Math

Drive Like Jehu released Yank Crime back in '94, on Interscope. I'm surprised it wasn't a huge sensation, but it wasn't until years later, after the band had broken up, that the majority of people began to recognize it's significance. And then, unfortunately, it was imitated and the sound was bastardized almost beyond recognition, giving birth to Emo. Eck! This is the re-release on guitarist John Reis' Swami Records, which includes three bonus tracks not found on the original release. Insane guitar work, unconventional time signatures, and driving rhythms make this a real beast of an album. It's really hard to sit still when listening to this one. Of course members also played in Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes, both of which would overshadow this important project in the collective memory.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just watched another mind-grape-blowing documentary on Netflix Watch Instantly called Touch The Sound. It's about Evelynn Glennie [Watch out if you link over, it's loud.] She is an amazing percussionist. Highly, highly recommended to anyone who would spend their time frequenting and/or writing a music blog. Chaka.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm going down to Dunwich...

(Dedicated to the Badger)
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are a Canadian band dedicated to all things Lovecraftian. I guess I would label these guys as nerdcore, similar to Nerf Herder in intent, if not sound. Catchy punk tunes and weird-horror themed lyrics. The productions pretty shite, but it gives it that recorded in mom's basement kinda feel, which can be good. Apparently they've got a track on Rock Band? That's good, I hope they get some exposure. Favorite track here is "Burrow Your Way Into My Heart." Go Miskatonic U!

The madness in the clay...

Kill him. Fucking kill him. Kill him already... Kill him.

I'm terribly sorry. I've been sick/lazy/apathetic/uninterested. I even considered quitting this blogging business for a minute. But, I'm going to go ahead and keep chugging along. Why not, right? I'll try and get back onto a more consistent program. Here we go...

Oh, Steve Albini, when will you be content? In a way, I guess I hope the answer is never. I love your curmudgeonly ways. Always railing against the illogical approach of the mainstream music industry dick blisters. I hope you keep making uniquely menacing, heavy, abrasive music. Like, Shellac's 1000 Hurts (2000). Like being pleasantly raped by your stereo, this album is plenty full of rythmic pounding, grunting, and static. Try this: download this album, play it really loud at your crappy job, and punch yourself in the face. You'll feel awesome.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

You know, death and stuff...

[Before I begin today's post: I noticed a couple of people have stopped "following" the blog, but download numbers are increasing. Just remember that I don't know what you want and like, unless you leave comments. It doesn't have to be profound and I won't make fun of you unless you're really asking for it. For, serious. Thanks again to the people who have commented, you're the reason I'm doing this.]

Another album/band I discovered while I was trying to find more about/by AN. Torture Killer share some band mates with AN, Unhola, and at one point even Chris Barnes was doing the vocals. Supposedly the corny cover art and lyrics were "too shocking" for the plebes at the CD factory and an alternative printer found. Good thing, too. Those little Poser Babies are totally eating that naked chick! Whoa! What we've got here is some real brutal, if only a little generic Death Metal. It may still be available here. Nothing new here, just decent, gruesome, heavy fucking metal. And I, for one, have no problem with that. It's Finnish.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pay Salvation.

Man, I fucking love skateboarding. With that in mind, I'm posting Los Olvidados, "Listen to This!!!" (Available HERE). I was only being born and learning to not shit all over myself when they were playing ('80 - '83). Regardless, they were a legend in the San Jose area. A friend named Eric Sanders, (who was at last count somewhere near Arab, AL. Have you seen him?) dubbed me a copy of some sacred, early Skate Rock relics. The best cassette I owned, now dead and gone. Drunk Injuns, Septic Death, Diesel Queens demos, some Verbal Abuse... Anyway, they released collection on Alternative Tentacles in 2002. If anything, I'd say that I miss the hiss and static from those old vinyl to cassette dubs. Other than that, this is near perfect. You're going to have to buy a copy if you want the booklet, I don't have it anymore. Shit, dub this over an old Metallica tape, throw on some cheap, crusty headphones, and go get some at your local pool/bowl. I'll see you there.

The Forgotten

Friday, February 20, 2009

...Somebody's fucking with my mummy...

Here's one that probably won't get too many downloads, but feel free to surprise me. I think I've got a pretty intelligent, literate crowd coming by here. Here's a CD of William S. Burroughs' readings that came with this awesome book:

These selections come from a 4 CD box set, which is still widely available if you've got the dough. I don't think I need to explain anything about this legendary man, and there's plenty of info out there if you're curious. (I would like to dismiss any notions that the man ever advocated, or romanticized drug use.)These are some entertaining readings, and the delivery is syrupy and nuanced. Ever the humorist, Uncle Bill's satire gets me laughing out loud every time. If, for some reason you're not familiar with his work, the book above covers his entire output.


[Post Edit: Yup. You surprised me. Which, I guess, means that it's not a surprise, since this is really what I knew all along. Right? This has become the most downloaded post!]

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fed up.

I went to the skatepark in East Los yesterday, and really tried to give her, but damn was it crowded. Towards the end, I crashed up with some little kid and we both went flailing through the air. Then some dude got in my face, telling me not to skate so fast, because of all the children. Fuck? Anyway, I was inspired by the experience, and I now present to you my list of Universal Skatepark rules. These rules should be violently enforced, and no exceptions shall be made.
1. No bikes, blades, scooters, snakeboards, Heelies, soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls, or any hybrid thereof. Skateboards only.
2. No buttboarding, kneeboarding, or ghostriding/kicking skateboards out willy-nilly.
3. No tea parties on the ramps. Do not stand or sit in the middle of the park, i.e.: on the pyramid, in the bowl, in the ride-up areas.
4. If you are not riding a skateboard, go sit in the spectator area. If you are a little girl carrying a puppy, you have no business in the skatepark proper.
5. Do not practice flatground, or play S.K.A.T.E. in the ride up areas. There is plenty of flatground in the parking lot, or pretty much anywhere else you go. So go work on your shitty flip tricks somewhere away from the roll-in.
6. Do not spill or slobber your sticky food and drinks in the park. Seriously.
7. Stop painting and scribbling your shitty attempts at graffiti on the park. Go look at some real burners, and then ask yourself if your skills are even close. If not, quit uglying up the landscape.
8. Look around you. Before you drop in, take a look around the park and be aware of people dropping in from other directions.

I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but these are dead simple, and should be understood by anyone. Maybe we can get these in people's heads, and then we don't have to think of them as rules anymore. They will just be common sense. Beat kids.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

They're fucking with me... Subliminally

This is just some filler. That sounds wrong, let me explain: I've noticed that there are some glaring omissions in my music collection. Empty places where some vital albums should be. A lot of times, this happens because I know an album so well, that it never occurs to me that I haven't listened to it for years. In fact, I usually don't even have a decent copy. So this is just an album I think everyone should have. This is the beginning of skate thrash. Suicidal Tendencies, s/t debut album from Frontier Records, 1983. Produced by famed skate/punk/hip-hop photographer, Glen E. Friedman. "All I wanted was a Pepsi..." has become the punk equivalent of Travis Bickle's, "You talkin to me?", but that's no reason to skip this. (I photographed the vinyl, but the actual rip is from the CD.) Fill those gaps, people.

Kill Yourself

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Skate Prop

Just more stuff from the archives, in no particular order. Click on them to get the full size, dummy.

"Mind Field" Out Now:

Legendary. (Unstoppable):

What? You thought he was born with black arms?:

I got a crush on Anti Hero:


You know what I hate? "Dance Punk." But, like almost everything I hate, there's an exception. Just this one, though. I posted Holy Molar a little bit ago, but only two people were interested. So, in the spirit of disappointment, I'm bringing you another Mark McCoy project: Virgin Mega Whore's self-titled full length (Coalition Records). Errr, I mean VMW, as they were apparently sued for the original name. Even if you are not one of the two people that downloaded "The Whole Tooth...", I strongly urge you to check out this release. There's a ton of sentimental value, paid out in samples from hardcore records and horror movies on this CD. See if you can name them all! The tracks vary from slow, moody electro, to raging hardcore with snotty vocals. Good stuff. If you enjoy it, there's also a couple 7"s out there, try Youth Attack.

Sex and Death and Synths and Drum Machines

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reverberation (Doubt)

I'm pretty new to the Roky Erickson story, to be honest. In fact, I was pronouncing his first name 'roe-key', when it's actually pronounced like 'rocky'. I think there's been a resurgence of interest in his career because of people like Patrick O'Dell singing his praises. I've listened to the 13th Floor Elevators for years, but never looked into their history. I just picked them up because of the crucial "Nuggets" collection. But, recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called, "You're Gonna Miss Me" (If you have an account, it's available to 'watch instantly'). Holy, shit. Great fucking documentary, if only more than a little heart-wrenching. Hopefully, I'll be able to track down some of his solo albums, the little I've heard is amazing. Anyway, here's their first full length, "The Psychedelic Sounds Of...". Pioneering doesn't even scrape the ice on this. Ripped-off to Hell and back, the surviving members live in poverty. Sometimes, when you get to digging around the base of the Rock n'Roll Giving Tree, you discover gems like this, tangled in the roots. Electric Jug? Yes, Please.

Listen, Sounds Dynamic