Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pay Salvation.

Man, I fucking love skateboarding. With that in mind, I'm posting Los Olvidados, "Listen to This!!!" (Available HERE). I was only being born and learning to not shit all over myself when they were playing ('80 - '83). Regardless, they were a legend in the San Jose area. A friend named Eric Sanders, (who was at last count somewhere near Arab, AL. Have you seen him?) dubbed me a copy of some sacred, early Skate Rock relics. The best cassette I owned, now dead and gone. Drunk Injuns, Septic Death, Diesel Queens demos, some Verbal Abuse... Anyway, they released collection on Alternative Tentacles in 2002. If anything, I'd say that I miss the hiss and static from those old vinyl to cassette dubs. Other than that, this is near perfect. You're going to have to buy a copy if you want the booklet, I don't have it anymore. Shit, dub this over an old Metallica tape, throw on some cheap, crusty headphones, and go get some at your local pool/bowl. I'll see you there.

The Forgotten


onelife-oneword-onelove said...

I follow WAY too many blogs. Writing pays me, so that's like 100 politics blogs. Have to keep the Linux box safe and bleeding edge, and that shit isn't easy reading. Then there's music, and that's where the numbers really go apeshit.

I meant to ask if you knew anyone from Plymouth, MN, the other day, but since this is the Internet I kept my mouth shut.

RyGar said...

Apart from Bob Murder (or is it Bob Murderer?), I don't think I know anyone from Plymouth.