Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, I'll be...

"Dad, sister is on fire. Shut up and get the marshmallows. Dad, I don't like little brother. Shut up and eat what i give you. Let's go. This damn dollar has got to get me two. Dad I'm tired of running in circles. Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor."

This has got the original version of "Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle" from the self titled CD, and then six re-mixes of the same track. (Bastard Noise, Kid606, Wizards of War, Christophe de Babalon, I Am Spoonbender, Sinking Body) Mostly crushing, oppressive noise, with small breaks of gabber/electronic, un-danceable dance music. Perfect for clearing rooms full of pussies. And by pussies, I mean guys that like Bright Eyes, and anyone with a vagina. Released on Gold Standard Labs.


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