Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You know what I hate? "Dance Punk." But, like almost everything I hate, there's an exception. Just this one, though. I posted Holy Molar a little bit ago, but only two people were interested. So, in the spirit of disappointment, I'm bringing you another Mark McCoy project: Virgin Mega Whore's self-titled full length (Coalition Records). Errr, I mean VMW, as they were apparently sued for the original name. Even if you are not one of the two people that downloaded "The Whole Tooth...", I strongly urge you to check out this release. There's a ton of sentimental value, paid out in samples from hardcore records and horror movies on this CD. See if you can name them all! The tracks vary from slow, moody electro, to raging hardcore with snotty vocals. Good stuff. If you enjoy it, there's also a couple 7"s out there, try Youth Attack.

Sex and Death and Synths and Drum Machines


Chairmaker said...

I'm rather enjoying this- the samples are awesome.(plus it's good for me too d/l stuff my wife might like)

RyGar said...

I had never seen Cronenberg's "Shivers", until I tracked it down because of the song "All Lubed Up, Nowhere to Go." Cool movie if you haven't seen it. It's like a zombie flick, but instead of craving human flesh to eat, the undead are crazy horny and just want to bone.

Chairmaker said...

I haven't, and I like Cronenberg, so I'll try and get a hold of it.

onelife-oneword-onelove said...

TPB will likely still be up, and last time I checked I couldn't think of a movie title that wasn't tracked (I even found a boy and his dog).

I think I finally killed every album by ST last year. 20 years passed and I got sick of it all. A friend stopped me from smashing Join the Army, but I may never play it again. "Dance Punk sucks" sounds like just what I need.