Saturday, March 28, 2009

Viva la Raza! Ay-hy-hy-hyyyeeeeeee!

Yo no hablo realmente español. Escribo a máquina todo esto en un traductor libre, así que su atado para estar lleno de errores.

Brujeria ha sido alrededor desde que 1989. ¡Eso es veinte años de brutal, violento, el odio llenó metal! Bastante una proeza, yo diría. Ellos han tenido a miembros de cien otras bandas significativas en su formación en algún punto, (verifica esta página) todo jugar bajo aliases. Cuándo yo fui un adolescente, yo siempre pensé que estos petimetres fueron para verdadero. De hecho, muchas personas han reclamado que en un punto, la banda estuvo bajo investigación por el gobierno norteamericano. ¿Mí? Quiero sumergirme justo en su mundo de trafico de drogas de droga, del asesinato, y de otros crímenes y jugar adelante. ¿Mata a algunos blancos? ¿Pasa de contrabando droga a través de la frontera? Sí, BIEN. ¿Por qué no? Tengo todavía mas verles viven. Tengo miedo de algún cholo sin detalles que no tiene la menor idea que esta banda es para propósitos de entretenimiento sólo. Qué es yendo a hacer, mostrarle mi licencia con mi apellido: ¿Garcia, y espera él tiene la convicción de que yo no tengo suficiente sangre caucásica para equivocarse para un republicano?

Brujeria - The Mexecutioner! - The Best of Brujeria

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fuck MP3's !!!

I've had the engorged middle finger of The Mummies pleasantly shoved in my face for well over a decade. No other band was ever so rude, and so shitty, and so fucking great as the dirty gauze and toilet paper wrapped jerks, right here. It's hard to even imagine that a band like this once existed. These guys were rebelling against C.D.'s and digital recording years before the cyber-geek twiddlery of Pro tools ruined any chance of rock n'roll making it out of the twenty-first century alive. They refused to record with any decent equipment and managed to trash just about every venue they played in record time, before taking off in a vintage ambulance filled with someone else's gear. I still haven't bought myself a turntable, and I hope to post a lot more from these guys when I do. Until then, here's a post-humous collection of rarities and live trash. It's definitely not my favorite, but it's one of the only ones I have a digital copy of. From this site: "Runnin' on Empty: Vol. 1" [Runnin' On Empty Vol. 1 LP (Estrus, 1996, ES 94016)
side one are all previously unreleased recordings:
side two is live at the Chameleon 9/5/91:]
In the spirit of fuck you-edness, I'm not posting a picture of the band above, but rather a picture of myself dressed as one of the Mummies from a Halloween, years ago.

Budget Rock Showcase!
[Oh, shit. If you're on the East Coast, they're playing a reunion in Hoboken, New Jersey!]

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Math

Drive Like Jehu released Yank Crime back in '94, on Interscope. I'm surprised it wasn't a huge sensation, but it wasn't until years later, after the band had broken up, that the majority of people began to recognize it's significance. And then, unfortunately, it was imitated and the sound was bastardized almost beyond recognition, giving birth to Emo. Eck! This is the re-release on guitarist John Reis' Swami Records, which includes three bonus tracks not found on the original release. Insane guitar work, unconventional time signatures, and driving rhythms make this a real beast of an album. It's really hard to sit still when listening to this one. Of course members also played in Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes, both of which would overshadow this important project in the collective memory.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just watched another mind-grape-blowing documentary on Netflix Watch Instantly called Touch The Sound. It's about Evelynn Glennie [Watch out if you link over, it's loud.] She is an amazing percussionist. Highly, highly recommended to anyone who would spend their time frequenting and/or writing a music blog. Chaka.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm going down to Dunwich...

(Dedicated to the Badger)
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are a Canadian band dedicated to all things Lovecraftian. I guess I would label these guys as nerdcore, similar to Nerf Herder in intent, if not sound. Catchy punk tunes and weird-horror themed lyrics. The productions pretty shite, but it gives it that recorded in mom's basement kinda feel, which can be good. Apparently they've got a track on Rock Band? That's good, I hope they get some exposure. Favorite track here is "Burrow Your Way Into My Heart." Go Miskatonic U!

The madness in the clay...

Kill him. Fucking kill him. Kill him already... Kill him.

I'm terribly sorry. I've been sick/lazy/apathetic/uninterested. I even considered quitting this blogging business for a minute. But, I'm going to go ahead and keep chugging along. Why not, right? I'll try and get back onto a more consistent program. Here we go...

Oh, Steve Albini, when will you be content? In a way, I guess I hope the answer is never. I love your curmudgeonly ways. Always railing against the illogical approach of the mainstream music industry dick blisters. I hope you keep making uniquely menacing, heavy, abrasive music. Like, Shellac's 1000 Hurts (2000). Like being pleasantly raped by your stereo, this album is plenty full of rythmic pounding, grunting, and static. Try this: download this album, play it really loud at your crappy job, and punch yourself in the face. You'll feel awesome.