Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"There's room on the stick shift for you, doll."

This is the first thing I ever heard from the cum and coke fueled madmen that are the Dwarves. Practically an institution in the punk rock underground at this point, the Dwarves have been polluting the world with filthy ditties about teenage girls, dope, and destruction since the mid eighties. I don't know if any of these versions have since been re-released, but this is around the time of the Toolin' for a Warm Teabag LP and Blood, Guts, and Pussy. I'm not usually into the egomaniacal, "I'm a fucking rock star and I only want your money/drugs/pussy" attitude, but at least these guys have always been honest. No pretense, just scum. You'll probably want a shower after listening to this one.

I'd Eat You To Survive (DL)

Bonus! Here's an interview from a Bay Area free trade rag called Juice. I'm not sure of the year, but it's around the release of Come Clean (2000).


Brent said...

The link doesn't seem to work, or am I missing something?

RyGar said...

New link as of 08/12/09, should work now. Thanks for letting me know.

Alvicious said...

thanks love this album! i wish i hadnt lost it all those years ago!