Thursday, February 26, 2009

You know, death and stuff...

[Before I begin today's post: I noticed a couple of people have stopped "following" the blog, but download numbers are increasing. Just remember that I don't know what you want and like, unless you leave comments. It doesn't have to be profound and I won't make fun of you unless you're really asking for it. For, serious. Thanks again to the people who have commented, you're the reason I'm doing this.]

Another album/band I discovered while I was trying to find more about/by AN. Torture Killer share some band mates with AN, Unhola, and at one point even Chris Barnes was doing the vocals. Supposedly the corny cover art and lyrics were "too shocking" for the plebes at the CD factory and an alternative printer found. Good thing, too. Those little Poser Babies are totally eating that naked chick! Whoa! What we've got here is some real brutal, if only a little generic Death Metal. It may still be available here. Nothing new here, just decent, gruesome, heavy fucking metal. And I, for one, have no problem with that. It's Finnish.

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