Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Abort the Rights"

Remission have been around, on and off, since '95. I first heard from them on the No Fate Vol II world hardcore comp. (I thought I saw somebody post it, but I just searched it and nobody has an active link. I guess I'll put it up here, sometime soon.) They play vicious, splintering hardcore with the classic screech/scream duel vocal assault. The lyrics mostly deal with the threat technology poses on humanity as we become increasingly more dependent on the silicon teet. Speaking of which: isn't it strange how comfortable we've become with having an electronic two-way communication device with GPS and personal data on our persons at all times? How pissed are you when you can't get a WiFi signal? How many times a day do you log onto a global networking service to let your every action be known? Think about it. Or, don't. Thinking is strenuous. Just relax, it hurts less that way. Well, back to the record - This is a short one, with 6 tracks, each under the two minute mark, but you'll probably end up playing it a second (or possibly third)time through, because it is just pure killer. I have the "Our Days Are Numbered" LP, which I may or may not post at some point. I just saw that Profane Existence released a discography and they have an absolutely amazing deal that you should check out over here. Seriously.

Please place your Identification Tattoo into the scanner... (DL)

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