Thursday, February 26, 2009

You know, death and stuff...

[Before I begin today's post: I noticed a couple of people have stopped "following" the blog, but download numbers are increasing. Just remember that I don't know what you want and like, unless you leave comments. It doesn't have to be profound and I won't make fun of you unless you're really asking for it. For, serious. Thanks again to the people who have commented, you're the reason I'm doing this.]

Another album/band I discovered while I was trying to find more about/by AN. Torture Killer share some band mates with AN, Unhola, and at one point even Chris Barnes was doing the vocals. Supposedly the corny cover art and lyrics were "too shocking" for the plebes at the CD factory and an alternative printer found. Good thing, too. Those little Poser Babies are totally eating that naked chick! Whoa! What we've got here is some real brutal, if only a little generic Death Metal. It may still be available here. Nothing new here, just decent, gruesome, heavy fucking metal. And I, for one, have no problem with that. It's Finnish.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pay Salvation.

Man, I fucking love skateboarding. With that in mind, I'm posting Los Olvidados, "Listen to This!!!" (Available HERE). I was only being born and learning to not shit all over myself when they were playing ('80 - '83). Regardless, they were a legend in the San Jose area. A friend named Eric Sanders, (who was at last count somewhere near Arab, AL. Have you seen him?) dubbed me a copy of some sacred, early Skate Rock relics. The best cassette I owned, now dead and gone. Drunk Injuns, Septic Death, Diesel Queens demos, some Verbal Abuse... Anyway, they released collection on Alternative Tentacles in 2002. If anything, I'd say that I miss the hiss and static from those old vinyl to cassette dubs. Other than that, this is near perfect. You're going to have to buy a copy if you want the booklet, I don't have it anymore. Shit, dub this over an old Metallica tape, throw on some cheap, crusty headphones, and go get some at your local pool/bowl. I'll see you there.

The Forgotten

Friday, February 20, 2009

...Somebody's fucking with my mummy...

Here's one that probably won't get too many downloads, but feel free to surprise me. I think I've got a pretty intelligent, literate crowd coming by here. Here's a CD of William S. Burroughs' readings that came with this awesome book:

These selections come from a 4 CD box set, which is still widely available if you've got the dough. I don't think I need to explain anything about this legendary man, and there's plenty of info out there if you're curious. (I would like to dismiss any notions that the man ever advocated, or romanticized drug use.)These are some entertaining readings, and the delivery is syrupy and nuanced. Ever the humorist, Uncle Bill's satire gets me laughing out loud every time. If, for some reason you're not familiar with his work, the book above covers his entire output.


[Post Edit: Yup. You surprised me. Which, I guess, means that it's not a surprise, since this is really what I knew all along. Right? This has become the most downloaded post!]

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fed up.

I went to the skatepark in East Los yesterday, and really tried to give her, but damn was it crowded. Towards the end, I crashed up with some little kid and we both went flailing through the air. Then some dude got in my face, telling me not to skate so fast, because of all the children. Fuck? Anyway, I was inspired by the experience, and I now present to you my list of Universal Skatepark rules. These rules should be violently enforced, and no exceptions shall be made.
1. No bikes, blades, scooters, snakeboards, Heelies, soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls, or any hybrid thereof. Skateboards only.
2. No buttboarding, kneeboarding, or ghostriding/kicking skateboards out willy-nilly.
3. No tea parties on the ramps. Do not stand or sit in the middle of the park, i.e.: on the pyramid, in the bowl, in the ride-up areas.
4. If you are not riding a skateboard, go sit in the spectator area. If you are a little girl carrying a puppy, you have no business in the skatepark proper.
5. Do not practice flatground, or play S.K.A.T.E. in the ride up areas. There is plenty of flatground in the parking lot, or pretty much anywhere else you go. So go work on your shitty flip tricks somewhere away from the roll-in.
6. Do not spill or slobber your sticky food and drinks in the park. Seriously.
7. Stop painting and scribbling your shitty attempts at graffiti on the park. Go look at some real burners, and then ask yourself if your skills are even close. If not, quit uglying up the landscape.
8. Look around you. Before you drop in, take a look around the park and be aware of people dropping in from other directions.

I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but these are dead simple, and should be understood by anyone. Maybe we can get these in people's heads, and then we don't have to think of them as rules anymore. They will just be common sense. Beat kids.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

They're fucking with me... Subliminally

This is just some filler. That sounds wrong, let me explain: I've noticed that there are some glaring omissions in my music collection. Empty places where some vital albums should be. A lot of times, this happens because I know an album so well, that it never occurs to me that I haven't listened to it for years. In fact, I usually don't even have a decent copy. So this is just an album I think everyone should have. This is the beginning of skate thrash. Suicidal Tendencies, s/t debut album from Frontier Records, 1983. Produced by famed skate/punk/hip-hop photographer, Glen E. Friedman. "All I wanted was a Pepsi..." has become the punk equivalent of Travis Bickle's, "You talkin to me?", but that's no reason to skip this. (I photographed the vinyl, but the actual rip is from the CD.) Fill those gaps, people.

Kill Yourself

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Skate Prop

Just more stuff from the archives, in no particular order. Click on them to get the full size, dummy.

"Mind Field" Out Now:

Legendary. (Unstoppable):

What? You thought he was born with black arms?:

I got a crush on Anti Hero:


You know what I hate? "Dance Punk." But, like almost everything I hate, there's an exception. Just this one, though. I posted Holy Molar a little bit ago, but only two people were interested. So, in the spirit of disappointment, I'm bringing you another Mark McCoy project: Virgin Mega Whore's self-titled full length (Coalition Records). Errr, I mean VMW, as they were apparently sued for the original name. Even if you are not one of the two people that downloaded "The Whole Tooth...", I strongly urge you to check out this release. There's a ton of sentimental value, paid out in samples from hardcore records and horror movies on this CD. See if you can name them all! The tracks vary from slow, moody electro, to raging hardcore with snotty vocals. Good stuff. If you enjoy it, there's also a couple 7"s out there, try Youth Attack.

Sex and Death and Synths and Drum Machines

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reverberation (Doubt)

I'm pretty new to the Roky Erickson story, to be honest. In fact, I was pronouncing his first name 'roe-key', when it's actually pronounced like 'rocky'. I think there's been a resurgence of interest in his career because of people like Patrick O'Dell singing his praises. I've listened to the 13th Floor Elevators for years, but never looked into their history. I just picked them up because of the crucial "Nuggets" collection. But, recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called, "You're Gonna Miss Me" (If you have an account, it's available to 'watch instantly'). Holy, shit. Great fucking documentary, if only more than a little heart-wrenching. Hopefully, I'll be able to track down some of his solo albums, the little I've heard is amazing. Anyway, here's their first full length, "The Psychedelic Sounds Of...". Pioneering doesn't even scrape the ice on this. Ripped-off to Hell and back, the surviving members live in poverty. Sometimes, when you get to digging around the base of the Rock n'Roll Giving Tree, you discover gems like this, tangled in the roots. Electric Jug? Yes, Please.

Listen, Sounds Dynamic

Sunday, February 1, 2009

...18 will become 9...

I somehow forgot that I had this one backed up, and at 320kbs, too. "Abigail", by King Diamond is the finest opera to my burned-out senses. Like going to a midnight showing of The Amityville Horror on clean liquid acid when your friends are wearing gorilla masks. Did you read "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" when you were younger? I love those books. And these Time Life series books (Track them down if you can, they are full of seriously amazing artwork, just waiting to be ripped off for your unworthy metal project. Seriously).:


Excuse me, I'm rambling. Hail to the King, baby.

DL-Abigail pt. 1
DL-Abigail pt. 2