Friday, May 15, 2009

About Things:

[Warning, this is not a music post.] We moved to Culver City. Killer new Apt. right below our friends, Ben and Sarah. It's a way better place than our last one,there's even a swimming pool (not that I can swim). Friendly, chill neighbors. My favorite part has to be the dining room:

Yup, I can finally play my drums daily. Expect some crap home recordings in the near future. Oh, and it's only a mile away from this sweet young thing:

Also, I finally got a new turntable, so I can start posting from my vinyl collection, which is admittedly small, but it is 90% gems. Speaking of which: does anyone have ($free$) software they recommend for digitizing records? I have Audacity, but I was hoping for something more specifically purposed for transferring vinyl to mp3, with auto-track separation and all that rigamarole. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks guys, see you soon.


Batguano said...


Audacity works really well for vinyl conversions. Delete the junk you don't want by highlighting it and pressing backspace, add track markers using the "project" tab, and export the track as mulitple mp3s. I believe under "Edit" "Preferences(?)" you can adjust the bit rate.

I use MP3 Tag to edit tracks tags later when I need to (comps and splits) and because audacity has a thing about punctuation and the letter Z.

Anyway,just an idea.


RyGar said...

Thanks, Marc. I haven't experimented with it too much, yet, so I appreciate the tips. I'm excited to get started on it.

The Whale said...

1) Cool new banner!

2)Congrats with the new living arrangements!

RyGar said...

Hey, Whale. Thanks and thanks.

Chairmaker said...

Nice man. New homes are fun- and I totally second the whales opinion of your sweet banner.

RyGar said...

K.I.T.H. is still my favorite television show of all time.