Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"I Don't Want to Live in Anytown"

Reagan Youth are an oft misunderstood band. Sarcasm and satire don't always travel as far as record distributors. Look at these crappy photos, and you'll see that the album imagery is of a particularly sick leftist bent. Swastikas, Klan robes, burning crosses. Ohhh, the eighties. (I'm kind of joking here. I was in diapers when Ronnie was in office. I remember that I called him the Clown, and I would punch his TV face and laugh.) This is Vol. 1 of a two part-er put out by the New Red Archive label in 1990 on beautiful clear-red vinyl. Part 2, which I don't have anymore, covers the later years and sees the band taking a pretty drastic turn away from their punk roots. It's still good, but don't expect any more songs like "New Aryans." If you have ever watched that corny-ass Brendan Frasier/Steve Buscemi movie, Airheads, you might recognize the track "Degenerated", which was used in the finale of the film. Weird.

Run Spot, run.

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