Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Just, look at all those disgusting trees!"

I posted an album by The Rat Bastards before, maybe you got it. Today, I'm posting a rip of the "Contaminated Minds" - 7inch, complete with painstakingly put together scans of the bile green, multi-panel, fold-out cover. These tracks are a bit more raw than the later material, and I gotta say that this was the 7" that really got me hooked on this band. Just perfect, angry, bitter hardcore punk rock from Illinois. As a bonus, I have one extra, one-sided, version of the fold out poster insert (11"X16"). If you want it, tell me something interesting in the comments section. Whoever has the most interesting comment(judged by me, of course - and assuming anyone tries) will, within a couple weeks, receive said poster in the mail. Along with some other bits of worthless junk and ephemera I deem unsentimental enough to part with. Free swag, you dirty scum. Always remember that I will never, ever, always love you.

"I'll take that fucking swastika, and shove it up your ass!"(DL)

[Mediafire gave me an "invalid file" error, so I re-upped and changed the link 5/31/09.]

[Also Re-upped the older Rat Bastards post. 06/06/09]


RyGar said...

Seriously? No takers? I thought people loved free stuff. I don't even know why I bother. Leeches get steetches, bitch.

unrealbe said...

First time I visit your blog. A lot of stuff I have no knowledge about. Will need to check some of your stuff out. (Have been listening to metal my whole live, now just discovering there is other music out there). Just ignore the leechers, people will start making comments eventually.

RyGar said...

Please, have a good time going over the old posts. Let me know if any links are down. Thanks for the comment.

anthony said...

great post. great blog. whoever got the poster is a lucky bastard. if you get the chance, feel free to check out my blog. it's a collection of my poetry and record postings that i love. i'll be adding you to my blog list as well.