Saturday, May 23, 2009

"So you think you've had a real good pizza?Well, not like this!"

[Thought I would give Carnie a nod. This is Food on Stoned] A long time ago, The Onion ran this article about a new "Pizza Lovers Pizza". Now, I know The Onion is a satirical paper, but I always held onto the idea of making a pizza with smaller pizzas for toppings. Last night, the neighbors came down and we set to work making this dream a reality. I can gladly say that we put to rest any notions that there can be "too much of a good thing."

The Ingredients:



Fantasy? Nope, Reality:

For one:

(Thanks Ben, Sarah, and Jennie.)


steve said...

Pretty awesome. You should submit it to

Slobodan Burgher said...

hey thanks for the comment on OIFTM, writing this here because last week when I was drunk I filmed a "at home with Only In It For The Music Blog baking pizza and listening to loud punk music" thing, but obviously I did not dare to post the damn thing in the

RyGar said...

Yeah, I try to keep this from becoming too much of a "lifestyle" blog. You'll notice that there aren't any pictures of me on here (Well, okay. A couple old ones). Definitely no party pics or, "last night was so cuh-razee, you shoulda been there..." But, I post about shit I like, and I try to be objective about what should be posted on here. Also, I don't have a phone and this is how anyone that cares knows I haven't fled the country or slipped from the mortal coil. Anyways, THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING! You, too Steve.