Monday, April 18, 2011

Now Hiring, Assholes

I really like doing this blog, but I don't get around to posting all that often. Sometimes I'm busy. Sometimes I'm lazy. I mean, just look at my post history on the right - totally slacking. It's hard keeping a fan base if the posts only get updated as often as your mom gets laid. So, because I don't want to see this thing die, I figured I'd bring in a couple more employees. What does a job at The 'Wave offer as compensation, you ask? Well, it doesn't pay $$$, and nobody popular is going to change their opinion of you, but I promise that you will get a grip of underground credibility and a t-shirt whenever I get around to printing them. Oh, I get good weed, and I'll totally get you high sometime, if you want. No experience necessary, just shoot me a message about why you would want to write for the blog and maybe a few of your favorite albums, or something. Nothing you write will be censored, or edited for content. Take a look around the older posts and ask yourself if your are ready to succeed where only Robert Downey Jr. has failed. Join us and transcend the banality of non-blogger existence.

Rejected applicant R. D. Jr. on the downward spiral.