Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why does man build his house on the sand?

I picked up "The Complete Works of Worst Case Scenario" (Vermiform Records) back in '98, almost on accident. I had actually been looking for a different band that a friend had played for me the night before, but my brain was still saturated with demon alcohol, and I couldn't remember the band's name. Worst Case Scenario sounded about right, and lucky for me, it wasn't. Because the band name I was trying to remember was Victim's Family, and after listening to them without an ocean of beer in my bloodstream, I came to the realization that I do not like that band at all. Worst Case Scenario, however, are awesome. Do you watch Peep Show? There's an episode where Jez and Super Hans recruit Sophie's cousin, because the music he makes is the closest thing to what they are trying to do, so it's like pre-emptive plagiarism. That's kind of how I feel about WCS. I've always written songs that sound similar to their screamy, discordant, post-hardcore, but I never recorded them. Anger, despair, fear, the whole black side of the emotional spectrum gets covered here. This CD collects everything the band released, so there's a bit of difference production-wise, say, between track 3 and track 15. Like a lot of the bands I like, the vocals are kind of love 'em, or hate 'em. I never learned much about them, I guess the guitar player was also in Unwound. Oh, and if you try and Google them, you'll get a ton of other bands, because Worst Case Scenario is a common name. This is the Olympia, Washington band that existed in the 90's. Oh, I don't have track one on here, "If You Were A Sparrow, I'd Clip Your Wings". I guess I never ripped it because it's just a skronky, free jazz instrumental, and I always skip it.

My link expired, but check this out: Illogical Contraption posted it! Head that way and get it.

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blue skies above us said...

Thanks! I've wanted to hear this.

While we're on Vermiform, I found a Towel 7" a few weeks ago, and I like it, and I am thinking of posting sometime soon. for what it's worth!