Monday, December 8, 2008

Red Means Go, Fucker!

Alright, another one of my favorites here: New Bomb Turks - "Pissing Out The Poison". I've have owned no less than four copies of this CD. Three were stolen, and one may have been lost, or too scratched, but I definitely have owned it several times. There was a time when this style of sped-up garage rock held exclusive rights to my listening ears. For a couple years I couldn't get enough of bands like Zeke, Teengenerate, the Fumes, the Humpers, and the New Bomb Turks. Then, Epitaph records started snatching up everything they could get there hands on, and a few of these bands suffered. I don't know why, but Epitaph puts some sort of fart into the mix, and bands I've loved never put out decent releases on that label. But, before they were scooped up by the E., these guys put out the amazing "Destroy, Oh Boy!" and about 600 killer seven inchers. A grip of those singles are collected on this CD, as well as some previously unreleased gems. I'm especially fond of the tracks they recorded with Billy Childish, of Thee Headcoats. Several screaming covers: "I Wanna Sleep" by the Modern Lovers (Who I'll probably post soon), "Just Head" by the Nervous Eaters, "Summer Romance" by the Rolling Stones, and a few more that you can just read off the liner notes I scanned. I've always loved that these guys sound like they are having a shit-ton of fun when they're playing. In almost every photo I've seen, the singer is frozen three feet off the floor, and he's always whoopin' and yelling out "Ye-ah! Yee-ahh!". Joy.

Get Fast!


Batguano said...

Fuck Yeah! "Destroy, Oh-Boy!" will be one of the 10 discs I take to Mars when the time comes to teraform. That thing rips from start to finish. I only saw The NBTs play once: the musicians were subdued; the singer was anything but. The guy's freakin' nuts!

I have about 50 to a hundred of those eps you mentioned, but I never picked up this collection... looking forward to it!

RyGar said...

Yes! I am glad to have someone respond to this one. I tend to say everything is my 'favorite', but I seriously love this CD so much. Thanks for commenting, as always.

Professor_of_Hip said...

are you that new-wave lookin dude who works at AXE MAN

RyGar said...

I do not at Axe Man, though I did apply there once. Also, I don't think that I look very New Wave. But, I could be wrong.