Monday, December 15, 2008

I assure you we are open...

So, it looks like things have dropped off here, again. I'm not sure why, though. I'm thinking that, maybe it's because of the way I've laid the posts out. Could it be that people stop over, and don't see album art, release info, etc., and so move on without realizing that there is awesome, free music to be had at the click of a button? I mean, I'd like for you to hear what I have to say about things, rather than having you leeching and running away, but it looks like people aren't even doing that. Is it a lack of nudity? Well, the other blogs I follow don't seem to be posting any porn, and they are doing great. Do I just listen to horrible, unlikable music? I don't think so, and I'm trying to post a reasonable variety of genres/styles. Do you just hate zshare? I'll try mediafire for a couple posts, and we'll see if that improves things. Perhaps it's the blog title itself? I assure you that there isn't any 80's pop music here, though. Hmm. Well, if you've gotten this far, please, take a moment or two to leave a comment and let me know what I am doing wrong, or what could be improved, say hello, be heard, tell me a story, or just tell me to go fuck myself. As with anyone doing a blog, I'm curious to know what the reader is thinking. I'd like to thank the couple of people that have commented regularly: Thanks.

Now, on to the music. Today, going through my library, I noticed that a lot of the songs I like are covers. Which makes sense. A good cover works because it's like a two-for-one, especially when you have sentimental attachment to the original version. Of course, the band doing the cover also has to add their own seasoning to the mix, without spoiling the original flavor. Too often a band simply "punks" up a song by stripping it of unique qualities, reducing it to three chords, and playing it faster than the original (I'm looking at you Me First and the Gimme Gimme's, you cookie cutter bastards). So, I put together a collection of some of my favorite covers, and titled it, simply enough, "Covered Up". There's a variety of styles on display, from the simple, acoustic, campfire vibe of Aeriel M's rendition of the Misfits "Last Caress",to Charles Bronson spitting out a Hüsker Dü in under thirty seconds, to the industrial clanging of Rosetta Stone paying tribute to Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings". Most of the tracks should be familiar, and even sentimental to you. Please, let me know what you think, or talk about some of the covers you enjoy.

This is just a picture of my little sister and her dogs. It doesn't have anything to do with this post:

Get the "Covered Up" Comp. here


Batguano said...

Hey Ry,

You're definitely not doing anything wrong here. It takes a while for people to catch on, and most are pretty lame about commenting (shit, I'm often guilty of that too). Big shiny pictures at the top do help, although I hate to admit it. Nowadays, people need the visual stimulation or they lose interest fast. The problem with that is you're just going to attract leeches who may not even read and certainly won't comment... so it depends on what you're looking for. Anyway, keep up the great writing/posts. I'm liking the variety quite a bit.

As far as the music goes, I'm downloading your covers collection now and WCS after that. I have a WCS 7" that I think I only listened to, like, twice. I remember liking it, but it was different than what I was expecting to hear. This post is a good excuse to get back into it.

I made a couple of hardcore cover song collections a while back; not sure if you checked 'em out or not...

RyGar said...

Thanks for your continued support. I get a bit jealous when I see some of the more established blogs getting, like, 15+ comments on their posts. It's not that I'm seeking fame, and yeah the people that don't comment are a bummer, but it sucks to see that no one is even downloading the tunes. I really am doing this to get people stoked on some of the music I love, you know. As far as the variety, I thought it might turn some people off, but I listen to a lot of different shit. I love bands like Aus Rotten and Amebix, but sometimes I just don't want to be fucking screamed at. Sometimes its nice to listen to some Donovan and have a cup of Chamomile tea, haha. Thanks, again.

blue skies above us said...

Personally, zshare bugs me. Too many clicking and things to navigate. So that could be turning people off from downloading.

In terms of comments and appreciation, from my experience posts often take a while accumulate comments. As long as the downloads don't go anywhere, people will eventually get to them. I don't really pay attention to the stats on my blog, but I'm pretty sure that I get an okay amount of reads and downloads (but my expectations are really low anyway)... but in comparison I get very little feedback. I feel like blogging is a one-sided conversation. So when I'm downloading, I like to comment nearly each time I grab something.