Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Can Almost Take It Back...

I'm pretty sure that, out of the handful of people that read this, at least a couple of you skate. So, if you do, and you've seen Flip "Sorry", you'll recognize Gray Matter. Ali Bouala and Geoff Rowley's parts are to the tracks "Burn No Bridges" and "I Am The Walrus", respectively. After I got that DVD, I rushed over to my local record shop (Extreme Noise in Mpls, at the time)and picked up this CD. Fairly straight forward punk rock, just a bit cleaner than some of the other Dischord bands of the era. Standout tracks include "Caffeine Blues", "Oscar's Eye", and my favorite from this disc, "Take It Back". "Head" clocking in at over 7min. is pretty good as well, it starts mid-paced and has an extended 'jam' type section in the middle. Enjoy.

Here it is

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8mil said...

I totally got that autograph for you my love. :)