Monday, January 5, 2009

Radical Friends!

Started college today. My first day in a classroom since '97. Tomorrow I'm going to have to write a bum check to get my text books. C'est la vie, right? Oh, well, I'm supposed to get a financial aid check by next week to cover the balance. Hopefully a job someday, too.

Hey, there. You got ten minutes? Then listen to this awesome little E.P. that Head Wound City put out a couple years ago. It's like a hipster (I'm using that word to define all the people that use that word. Myself, too?)all-star band: Justin and Gabe from the Locust, Cody and Jordan from The Blood Brothers, and Nick from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I'm not ashamed to admit that the Locust are in my top five favorite bands, I've got a big ass tattoo to show it. Blood Brothers put out a couple good tracks on every release. And, I guess I missed the boat on the YYY's, but they aren't terrible, by any means. The Spike Jonze directed "Y-Control" video is actually really awesome and hilarious. I read an interview once, where they talked about asking Gabe not to play so many double bass beats while recording this, which he answered with a silent, contempt-filled stare. You can find an excellent band bio here, and then pick up a t-shirt from their Myspace. Three One G is sold out of this record, but you should buy something from their catalog, they're running a pretty honest operation, with some really good bands.

Blunt Force Trauma Town

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