Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Invasion from the outside - works it's way inward...

I'm turning twenty-nine today. Ho-hum. You know what else is turning twenty-nine? My favorite album by the Wipers: "Is This Real." Unfairly shunned at the time of its release, "Is This Real" has since become a 'classic' in the punk community. Like many others, I have Kurt Cobain to thank for introducing me to the Wipers, via Nirvana's cover versions of "Return of the Rat" and "D-7". So, once again, I will admit for the record, that I am not Captain Cool. I wasn't "into them way before anyone else", or any other such ego-placating droll. But, I am damn glad that I found them, regardless of time. The Wipers are great. Greg Sage is a visionary, and a true artist when it comes to sound and music. Let's take a moment and appreciate what him and his bandmates were doing almost thirty years ago. This is still available in CD or Vinyl format, so throw them a few bones for all their hard work, maintaining an independent label through these turbulent times.

Look But Don't Touch (DL)


Batguano said...

Another outstanding choice! This rec is just too goddamn amazing to believe!

I also admit to only discovering The Wipers a few years ago, and, shit, being the captain of coolness is probably way overrated anyway (But I can only guess at that).

Happy birthday, man, and thanks for the rips!

Chairmaker said...

Good post and good blog generally- I linked you over at my place.

I wasn't even introduced to the wipers by Cobain. I'm so unhip that I'd never even heard of them till last year- which was my loss.

RyGar said...

Thanks, I returned the link.

slappinghappy said...

Hi from England, great blog man!



RyGar said...

Thanks, A.

Brat Early said...

Beware of blind linking!! OH NOES!
Social humpers.


The connection to Kurt Cobain just makes me not want to listen to the Wipers. Which obviously isn't the Wipers fault, so I should give them a try.

RyGar said...

Brat, I have no idea what that web page is about. Something about Twitter and Facebook, which I don't knowingly use. Then something about zombies, which I know much about. And didn't I just blindly follow that link?

Don't discriminate because of the Cobain Reference. He was pretty good at promoting unknown bands. Unfortunately, most of the Trons just sharpie up a Flipper tee without ever actually listening to the wonderful racket they produced. I'm going to guess that you'll like the Wipers, though I haven't really figured out what makes a band 'good' to you. Love you like I love my left hand (in the shower).