Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the "Countless Backs of Sad Losers"

I fucking love this cover art.
Do you know what is kind of scary? Seeing David Yow perform live. The man is like GG Allin, only with a wicked-sharp intellect. Charles Manson with out all the marketing. He doesn't have to drop his pants to shit all over your fancy (sub)Urban Outfitters "vintage" tee shirt, no party tricks here.  His sweat will probably leave a stain, though. He's one of the few real singers out there. Like Danzig, Yow is unafraid to explore his range and use his voice as an instrument. Witness this classic by The Jesus Lizard. Buy a lovely deluxe version here. Then go catch one his current bands. You will leave a better person.

Testify. (DL)

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viennadecay said...

saw them live in '93, still remember this sweating madman having himself carried through the audience.