Sunday, October 7, 2012

Requiem For A Trend

former music bloggers
Well, looks like blogger might be the new internet-ghetto. Many of the people that inspired me to join in on this whole music sharing/festival of verbal onanism have gone on to newer, greener pastures like podcasts, tumblr porn, twit(ter), and other short attention span pandering suck&fuckeries. Posts have been sporadic or non-existent in many of my favorite internet haunts. I get it. I'm part of the problem. Hell, I'm almost too lazy to even embed links in this post. At one point the constant flood of music I was DLing became overwhelming. I just couldn't find the time to listen to all the sick shit people were posting. I still have albums on my HD that I've never listened to. As a silly man once didn't say, "There's more to life than blogs you know, but not much more." Well, I, for one, always enjoyed the flogging of a dead horse (or a dead hooker), so here I am posting without shame. To all those guys who created and contributed to the blogs over there on the right, thanks for all the good times and awesome tunes. I will continue to haunt these pages, and I will never leave you, until I do. For all the people that have sacrificed their time to read my bullshit, and to those who choose to communicate via comments and e-mails, here's a truly heartfelt "Thank you." Also, I'm really stoked to see Jason and Shelby out here on the Big Island real soon. You guys are champions.

And, speaking of champions, here is a truly majestic piece of work by the much-celebrated paragons of getting fucked-up and fucking things up: HICKEY's "US vs. THEM" e.p.  Matty Luv is dead, yeah, but HICKEY is immortal. Ain't nothing in this world makes me happy like a HICKEY record. Matty's mad poetry and  gonzo guitar attack and Aesop's nitro-fueled jalopy pump n' munch drums have inspired many a drunken night's regret-worthy hi-jinx. Great alone or with friends. When is somebody gonna write the book on HICKEY, already? Few bands have ever earned such a wild and debauched (not to mention dumb and crazy) reputation. Aesop said it best, "Hickey is a cult band. When they were around, nobody went to  their shows. Now, everybody says they were there." LONG LIVE THE NAKED CULT OF HICKEY! People are always re-releasing their shit so go and buy some of it. I got the new 2x12" edition of "Various States of Disrepair" with all the extras, and I have already dry humped it twice, built a shrine to it, and stole it a baby; and that doesn't even scratch the surface of its potential.

"Life is cheap, but living is expensive." (DL)


The L-RV said...

I actually did see Hickey a few times back in the day, and their occasional nakedness unnerved me at times, but it was all part of the deal.

Now in retrospect 15+ years later, there is NO fucking band in SF WORTH A SHIT as far doing anything unique goes. Fucking sad, honestly.

Hickey were vastly underrated / under-appreciated during their tenure - even by myself - but if I see one more fucking 25-30y.o. w/ a Hickey tattoo, I'm gonna fucking cut it off & give it to Aesop personally.

It's like that 'Nam saying:

"You DON'T know - You WEREN'T there"...

Sorry I didn't make it to Hilo to visit you last week - we made it over as far as Kiluaea & back down to Kona, then back over to the Mauna Kea where we were staying. Next year tho, promise.

Great post on a great band.

RyGar said...

I saw them a couple of times, too, for real. They played w/ Your Mother on my 16th Bday. Well, almost played. Shut down by cops, of course.

I know island time is precious when you're on vacation, so no big deal on missin' a connection. Bring your boards next time through, and we can go carve circles round the volcano park.