Sunday, October 9, 2011

"I Wanna Piss On You"

Sick fuck.
I am so fucking sick of everything. Sick of bullshit politics. Sick of hearing nothing but lies from mainstream media. Sick of obnoxious drunks. Sick of trends/posers. Sick of feeling disappointed. I'm sick of going to work to serve rich, old, white people food I can't afford to eat. Sick of getting in confrontations with crackheads on the street. Sick of coming home hungry to empty cupboards. Sick of socializing with people who never got past highschool-ish social cliques. Stereotypes make me puke. I am ripe with nausea every time I hear make someone make an ignorant and racist remark. I'm sick of the internet. I'm sick of writing this post. Fuck off, you make me sick.

GG knows. (DL)

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