Friday, April 9, 2010

Chiseled from stone.

Just a heads up: I've recently moved. Why should you care, right? Well, unfortunately, my computer access is limited. I do have a laptop, but it is practically steam powered. It hates blogger, and slows to a dead crawl whenever I try to log in to this site. I do have all of my files, but no way to post anything at this time. I'll see what I can do to get things up again soon. In the meantime, enjoy the archives and visit the links on the right. Thanks, everyone, for all of your support.


8mil said...

:( fuuuuuuuuuuck!

Wolfgang said...

I suppose since I managed to go through your whole blog in a day, downloading freely (BTW the Apocalypse Hoboken, RZA, New Bomb Turks, and Gray Matter links need to be re-upped if possible) I should let you know a little about myself and how much I appreciate you sharing all this stuff.

My first big loves music-wise were Primus and They Might Be Giants. They led me to The Residents which opened up all sorts of doorways. I bought a Brutal Album at 15 and that began my love affair with grind and hardcore.

Right now I go to college in Wisconsin, working towards a creative writing degree because I can't think of anything better to do with my life and the prospect of having money I don't know what to do with kind of troubles me.

My best wishes for the future dude. I don't have a way to rip any of my vinyl, but if I ever get a way, I'd like to set up my own blog and share some of my favorite stuff.

Take care man.

RyGar said...

Thanks for commenting and letting me know a bit about yourself. I'm in college for some sort of English/Writing Degree as well. I figure if I can avoid people, sit on my ass, and get paid for my brains, I might just be happy with myself. I'm glad you went through the blog and found things to enjoy. The albums you mentioned are all re-upped, if you want to grab them. It seems like my roommates computer doesn't have any issues with the site, so I should be posting again in the very near future. Ripping vinyl takes some time and effort, but it is worth it when people let you know that they appreciate it. Thanks, dude.

Wolfgang said...

I meant to write "Brutal Truth album" oh well haaaa

I went through and grabbed the stuff you put up again, thanks. I found that Resurrection is gone too but that should be the last one.

That Dystopia album is incredible. I'm surprised I haven't heard it by now "I got to get money so I can have a home.
So I can breathe, eat and live in this society.
I don't even like money,
And I got to work everyday just to feed myself.
God it makes me sick.
I just wanna curl up into a hole and die in this.
This isn't worth it. "

That's pretty much my mindset. Hahaaaa sort of. A job is the scariest thing in the world to me right now.

I forgot to mention that I think it's cool that you skate, since I keep trying to fool myself into thinking that I'm cut out for it. I played (and still play) a lot of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater so I thought that it would be no big thing to go to skate camp for a week when I was 13.

I was wrong.

I got the wind knocked out of me for the first time the first hour I was even there. Not to mention that I still dread breaking a bone. (Knock on wood.)

I hope I'm not boring you but it's nice to tell these stories to someone. I look forward to your next post.

RyGar said...

Resurrection is back up. Thanks for the heads up. Dystopia? The fucking best. Definitely check out their other albums, The Aftermath and their eponymous album which was recorded a while ago, but released last year. All of it is crushing, depressing, and motivational in a throw a rock at a cop kind of way. As far as skating goes, I don't think I'll ever quit, but that doesn't mean I'm any good at it. It is just something that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Thanks again, for commenting.