Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Love Just Ain't A Game I Play"

Having said that, I do enjoi a good love song. The Queers have been writing love songs, for retards like me, for days. I think this album, "Grow Up", has the best balance of the bands ooey-gooey, "girl, I love you" sap, and straight out rockers. Especially on side B, which opens with two of their toughest jams, "Junk Freak" and "Gay Boy"(combined here as one track). If they really were a Ramones rip-off, as some fingers have waggled, then these would be the songs penned by Dee Dee. This is a good go to album when you've got girls on your mind, but you've got beers in your gut.

Some Notes from the back of the LP:
The Queers Are:
Joe Queer Guitar Lead Vocals
B Face Bass Vocals
W/ JJ Rassler Guitar, Greg Urbatis Bass, Magoo Pirhana Bass, and Jeebs Pirhana Drums.

Remixed by Ben Weasel

"I'll Be True To You" by somebody else.

3rd in our Retro series.

"Boobarella, it's funny, that's her name." (DL)

[On a side note: shortly after ripping this LP, my needle bit the dust. I'll be posting some CD's or digital rips for a while.]

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Sergeant D said...

The best Lookout-style pop punk band by far. I always thought these bands were for losers who worked at gas stations, but the Queers had some great songs like "Stupid Fuckin Vegan" or whatever it's called.