Saturday, November 22, 2008

You know, it's, uh... Nice.

So getting people over here is a little tricky. I was thinking about some sort of promo. Like, "Free tits with every comment!" But then I thought about all the effort it would take to give out those tits. Then, I was thinking, "Maybe people aren't here because you aren't posting music they like." Most of the blogs I keep up with post mostly metal, crust, or grind. I don't have a lot of that stuff, though. That's why I go to those blogs. And, besides, that would be kind of a sell-out. I want you to hear things that can't be found everywhere else, and things that are important to me, personally. So, I'm going to stay true to my original intent, and I'll start things off with one of favorite bands from Minnesota.

I lived in MPLS between 2002 and 2006. It's a hugely underrated city, in my opinion. Yeah, it's cold 8 months of the year, and people really do talk like they do in Fargo and Drop Dead Gorgeous. But I think that's charming. With all that cold weather, there's a lot of indoor time to polish up your rock and roll machine. It takes a great show to get people to drive over icy roads, and even more to get them to brave -20° on a bus or bike. So, door prices are usually cheap, and beer is even cheaper. Well, beer at the bar is cheap. In the, mostly Lutheran, state of Minnesota, liquor laws are retarded. You can only buy booze from state-licensed liquor stores, and only before 10pm. Is it Sunday? Well, then. No booze at all, unless you drive over to Wisconsin. Yeah, you can buy 3.2 beer at those times, but why bother? I'd rather recycle my own hangover piss, than drink 3.2 Keystone Ice. Okay, besides the liquor laws, and the cold, Mpls is really great. (I started to write a Zagat's guide for punks here, but it was getting way too long. If you're headed that way, let me know. I'll steer you in the right direction.)

I'll skip past Hüsker Dü and the 'Mats (The Replacements, don't ya know?), because I'm guessing you've already heard them. Today, you're getting one of my favorites, and really, you probably won't like them. But, fuck you. Look up by the header: "limitless hate", right? This is for the 1%'ers. Because if you like this band, you'll love them. Lifter Puller are more than just Art Rock. The lyrics tell a story. There's a few characters you are going to get to know. Nightclub Dwight, Katrina, Jenny (she likes the lights, duh), and "The Guy With The Eyepatch" all live their lives in these songs. You make recognize the vocals, and writing style of Craig Finn from his current band, the Hold Steady. Fuck that band. Sorry, Tad. Sorry Craig. But LFTR PLLR is a billion times better than that Bruce Springsteen shit you guys are doing, now. So, get some beers, lower the lights and fall into the tales of murdered ravers, drug deals gone south, and desperate morning-afters. "Soft Rock" is a two disc set, comprising almost everything the band put out. I'm going to post Disc 1 here. If you love it, let me know, and I'll link you to disc 2, it's a huge file, otherwise.


8mil said...

Maybe it's because you're not from MN that you find it so charming.But I was born and raised there and Minnesota blows a load all over my pretty little face. But you're right about LFTR PLLR. That band is pure magic.

Robert Paulson said...

This is a pretty col record. I like the contrast of the almost rambling vocals over the tight rhythm section. For some reason it reminds me of a less-heavy Oxbow, maybe a less-technical Craw. Good stuff.

RyGar said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping for another reunion show, because I still visit friends in the Twin Cities.