Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mary Had A Little One

I had meant to do a Jucifer post way back in October, after I finally got the chance to see them live. I have some photos from their set, and I was waiting to transfer them to my PC. Unfortunately, I don't have a card reader, or cable to transfer them over, thus the delay in posting. But, this isn't about my photos, or my experience - it is about cluing you in to an extremely good band that you may have slept on. Jucifer is a two-piece sludge/heavy metal band from Athens, Georgia. For 18 yrs., they have relentlessly pummeled crowds around the country with their music. Just look at the wall of amps and the size of that Vistalite kit:

Going through their discography, one finds a band that is not content to be static, yet never lacking in direction or intent. While most of the music is pounding and threatening, Amber and Edgar aren't afraid to slow things down and lull you into a false sense of comfort with passages of clean vocals and minimal drum beats, whose placid vistas are soon firebombed with more HEAVY FUCKING METAL. They've got a lil' something for almost any niche-minded headbanger. The newest album, Throned in Blood, even incorporates elements of Black Metal without hopping on any bandwagons or pretending any claims. Blast beats and wailing, tortured screams abound, and I highly recommend you go buy it, dude. It's "It." However, I would feel bad cheating such a hard-working band by posting their latest release, henceforth I have reached back into their catalogue and pulled what I think might be their least known release, 2001'2 Lamb's EP. Here you'll get a glimpse of the bands range and dynamic songwriting abilities, along with a sore neck and some broken furniture if you've got the volume up. Hide the cat.

"Off to the edge"(DL)